Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mango Cup Cakes with Cream cheese frosting

Don't be annoyed if you find this post rather full of self. Because I'm girl on wheels I have found the recipe to kill. And kill tropically. 

I'm not sure if I have ever met any one who doesn't love like mango. Oh wait! I have, I remember a boy at school who didn't like mango and I disliked him just for that (apart from the fact that he kept digging is nose and his dad was a teacher who always looked drunk to me and sting like rotten meat).

So,  I had been playing around with the idea of a mango based muffin for a while in my mind.  Whether to wait till the mango season or to grab a tinned pulp kept me delaying it. And then I could take no more, I found some frozen Alphonso pulp in our grocery store and the wait for fresh mango went for a toss.

I didn't know where I was headed with this recipe, at first I had double the ingredients clamped up to fit the picture. Whole lot of things like whole wheat, coconut, yogurt etc wanted to get into the muffins but I decided better of it (or worse), and decided I need to go for a cup cake now!

Mango Cup Cake with Cream cheese frosting
Makes 12 cup cakes 

For cup cakes 
1 1/2 cups Mango pulp*
1 1/2 cup  All purpose flour
1/2 cup Ground Almond *
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/3 cup vegetable oil
100g butter
2 eggs
1 tsp cardamom powder
1 tsp baking powder

For the Frosting

200g cream cheese
2 slice of mango**
4 tbsp mango pulp
¼ cup  icing sugar
* We used frozen Alphonso mango pulp. If I said Alphonso was probably the best in the world, I might just create a online debate blog. But I can safely say it is my favorite mango, the best sweetness and flavor. If it hadn't been that day and that time, I might have just as well used tinned mango pulp. And If I were an angel of patience, I would have waited for mango season and used fresh mango pulp.
** Tinned again.


Did you notice ? There is just one egg in the above picture even though the ingredients say 2 eggs ? I had exactly just two eggs lying in the fridge. And I was damn sure I had removed both of them. When I started with the picture I realized 1 egg was missing. I did turn my kitchen upside down finding that one egg. I even checked my closet. Oh yes I'm one of those souls who can keep an egg in the closet while looking for something to wear. So now you know how over worked I'm and next blog  just might be " Food in Asylum". So I anyway took the picture with one egg and waited for the other to come around.

Cream together the butter and sugar. Whisk in  the pulp and oil.
Add the eggs and whisk again.( I finally found it on the dressing table, yes I remember "Food in asylum" )

Meanwhile put together the dry ingredients. Mix flour, baking powder, ground almond, salt and cardamom powder.
Mix the dry ingredients with the wet, adding little at a time. DO NOT OVER MIX. 
DO NOT OVER MIX. I know I have said that before but it is quite important. Sure the dry ingredients and wet need to be well combined but by no means smooth.Over mixing will cause tough and dense cake. The lumpy batter is way to go for a great cup cake or muffins.

Using an ice cream scoop fill the muffin pan will equal amounts . Bake in preheated 180 degree oven for 25-30 minutes.

Lets prepare the frosting till the cup cakes are done. Mix cream cheese with cubed mango, pulp and icing sugar. Okay so we are done with that in less than 5 minutes. So go figure what you should be doing for the rest 20 minutes. May be its time for laundry ? Or decide what you got to wear to work tomorrow.If you are lucky may be its time for you to lie down on couch and do nothing.

I did them in two batches because I'm totally cheap to buy a small muffin tray that makes only 6. Let them cool before you frost them.

They didn't last till the other day. Don't ask who eats 12 cup cakes!


  1. Hi looks tasty. I like this recipe. Garnish with mango slice more decorative.

  2. Thanks Mr. Mohan, I'm sure you can try this recipe for the Arabs, they do like mango don't they! And as for the slice of mango.. I so wish! You I bought those tinned mango and they sucked, they tasted horrible and were mushy, pale I dropped the plan of garnishing with full slice..only wish I had some fresh mango slice!!

  3. Thanks for immediate response. Are you Kulsum or Umkulsum. From your name I thought you are belong to the Arab world.You were asking for our shop. It is in Quortuba block 4. "Geneva sweets and pastries". Your response thru blog only not there.

  4. wow, such beautiful and yummy cake. I am a first timer here, loved your blog..following you.

  5. Thanks Deepa. We are so glad you like our blog.

  6. These look so yummy 'n tempting...

  7. WOw! cup cakes look so delicious! New to your blog.You have a lovely space.Do drop by


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