Sunday, October 26, 2014

Zaatar Halloumi and Olives Sandwich with Cherry Tomatoes

I have missed blogging! A lot of good things been happening around here. Good work opportunities and a food photography and styling workshop with Nourish of Qout Market  last week - all just feels surreal and I'm immensely grateful. 

It's not to say we haven't been cooking in fact my repertoire of cooking under 45 minutes has certainly increased many folds. So I thought perhaps, this is a good recipe to start start off this week.  Halloumi zaatar sandwich has saved me through many quick five minutes lunches before our  meetings during corporate years and now continues to be a fall back munch when I'm drowning in work. It is not even a recipe really, but if you haven't tried the combination, you are in for a treat. The salty halloumi, pungent zaatar and bitter olives contrast beautifully with sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes. This is also good time to bring out that fancy schmancy extra virgin olive oil as fruity flavours of the oil really shine through.  
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