Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Garlic Halloumi Pull aparts

I was under the impression that I will get along and start blogging more often then once in 8-10 days. But looks like the trend is here to stay.

Its yet another recipe from Choosy Beggars. Infact its one of Tina's best recipes and was on my list of must make ever since I read it. What can be better than gooey cheese, salty cheese and garlic. Oh! they are awesome. But there is more to it.

A few months back,  we he went shopping to hardware store and I started wondering around because I just can't stand being among things that are not going to help me cook. So as I went around, I found a small bakery baking some great breads. The aroma of fresh baking bread was heavenly, I was compelled to enter. The bakery also looked pretty well designed and posh. What I saw was a man making this lovely bread, where he used a dough and rolled it as wide as large size pizza, placed a smaller much smaller rolled bread in between and filled it with 3 types of cheese and olives. He then pulled the bread all together (from the ends) and tucked it to seal it. Topped it with oil and baked it. I didn't buy it. I just didn't want to. Because I so wanted to make it. But days passed into months and I forgot about the great bread making.
It was not until I read this recipe, that it all came running back, begging to be made. Since I followed the recipe as it is, I didn't post it up here. You do need to go visit the link because its so worth it. One of the virtue needed though is patience like with all yeast breads. And other is will power to control yourself  from eating it all.

I did have some ideas to add to the recipe, but for a change I did stick to the recipe. May be next time I make it, could replace parsley with zaatar. And add some olives. It is a recipe to keep.


  1. Came across you from EC's blog. Wow, you seem to be a great cook! Guess you've really got yr mom's genes! Great going! -Naina

  2. Kulsum,

    Good recipe you have are an awesome cook if you have the patience to bake my opinion...and I cook almost everything else...just found your blog thru EC's budding blogger series.

    Keep the recipes coming!

  3. @Lebouffe and Meena,

    Thank you so much. Trust me Bread making is fun and not as difficult as it looks. I just started but it is no rocket science! Hope to see you often.

  4. Kulsum, you did an amazing job!! Your bread looks delicious, and how thrilled am I that you enjoyed it?? I think switching it up with za'atar and olives is a great idea. Ooh, and maybe some charred onions. Mmmm. That sounds like something my Dad used to make us for breakfast.

  5. hikulsum hamko bhito kabhi test karvo kal aajae wah kya bat he

  6. @ Tina
    The charred onions has stuck the place, so its on my list of trying experiments. Thanks for the recipe.

    @ Hatim
    Sure :D Soon....

  7. They look yummy!!
    I'm looking for those ingredients. I moved to Argentina last year.I am living in an apartments for rent in buenos aires and i missed our flavours so much!!

  8. Just found you on Vegolicious -I'm on there too! I love your blog and Halloumi is my favourite cheese. (I say that quietly so that Feta won't hear!). Loving the cauliflower curry too but I only have fenugreek seeds will they do the job?

  9. Hey there Natalie! Thank you for your love :) If the Feta hears it, you make them all happy but making the Garlic Feta pullaparts I made as well You see I believe in keeping all cheeses happy ;) And for the cauliflower yes you can use the seeds but they are used quite differently from the leaves. When oil is hot, add in a tsp of fenugreek seeds and lightly toast them and then go about the recipe. Its add a mild flavor and fragrance to curries. :) I hope you enjoy what you make. Thank you again.


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