Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quinoa, Puy lentils, Blood Orange and Goat Cheese Salad With Blood Orange Rosemary Dressing

Yes, yes! I have been on a blogging spree. When I make something exciting I can't wait another week to share it with you! Today's salad is very reminiscent of  kind of dinners I'm eating lately. But before that I have to tell you that the baby spinach and rosemary is from my tiniest balcony garden. And what a joy it is, snipping fresh leaves for your salads. Spinach has been by far the easiest thing to grow with little or no attention. But I'm also devastated that my bok choy went into the pigeon's belly instead of ours.

I must be the last person or at least the last food blogger to taste quinoa which was sometime around last year. I might have had an occasional bite or two at a restaurant but never quite replaced my bowl of rice with quinoa just because it has been trending. Did I tell you I'm very rebellious when it comes to trends? I rather stick with balance and moderation. Thank you!

I usually make this salad with lemon juice but since blood oranges are in season, they made a great addition. The colour and sweetness balances puy lentil's dark earthiness and the citrus dressing is more like a soup you want to drown your quinoa in. Also, M thinks this salad deserves a lot of pepper. But it would be just him trying to run away from tasting quinoa, I can't be sure.

Quinoa, Puy lentils, Blood Orange and Goat Cheese Salad With Blood Orange Rosemary Dressing
Serves: 3


1 cup quinoa
1/2 cup puy lentils, boiled until soft
1 large red onion, or 2 small shallots, sliced
2 blood oranges, segmented
1/2 cup goat cheese, creamy*
1 cup spinach or any greens

For dressing

3 tbsp blood orange juice
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp rosemary, finely chopped
Salt and Pepper to taste


*If goat cheese isn't your thing, this salad is good with feta cheese too.


Cook the quinoa in two cups boiling water until tender for about 12 minutes. Drain well and let it cool.

Whisk the dressing ingredients until creamy and pale. Alternatively shake it in a mason jar.

Toss all the ingredients for the salad and dressing together.

Serve immediately. Alternatively, chill the salad but add the dressing, blood orange segments and onions when ready to serve.


  1. A beautiful salad! Those flavors are just fabulous. I love everything about this recipe.



  2. I am a bit like you when it comes to trends ;) I like to cook/eat local food so wasn't too interested in buying expensive imported quinoa just to blog! So you are not the last food blogger to blog a quinoa recipe.
    Salad looks gorgeous :)

  3. Picture of health.....your salad looks so exciting with all those colours. Must try someday.

  4. i jumped into quinoa bandwagon when it started and have been loving it since..however, it takes me a while to get into treads otherwise. this salad is just perfect.

  5. Loving all your new posts, Kul. And your photos are just gorgeous, as always. x s

  6. Wonderful salad. What fabulous flavours.

  7. Congratulations on your balcony harvest! I am an office farmer of radish sprouts. SOOO much fun! Love this recipe and the use of the blood orange. Putting it into rotation soon.

  8. I love the sound of this salad. It's super gorgeous too!

  9. Love salads with lentils. I am not much of a quinoa person myself so no matter how much its trending I can't eat it all by itself. Just try to sneak it wherever possible knowing what a superfood it is! That is one yum sounding citrus dressing!

  10. Incredibly Beautiful! Quinoa is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. I saw someone writing on Quinoa Biryani today. Pinning it :)

  11. I'm rebellious when it comes to trends to, but when I did finally try quinoa I fell in love with it. Sometimes trends can be a good thing. :) Gorgeous images, as always Kulsum.

  12. How lovely this is a wonderful salad and the incorporation of blood oranges is divine. Anything featuring quinoa is very welcome :D

  13. Mmm... love all the layers and flavors in this salad. Can't live without quinoa.

  14. Wow, these shots are GORGEOUS! The salad sounds delicious, I'd imagine quinoa and lentils taste terrific together - and they contain so much healthy protein :)

  15. This is my kind of salad. What a great combination. Love your pics!

  16. I must admit that lately I have been reading and hearing a lot about Quinoa but have been very skeptical about trying it. I read that its one of the most ancient grains of the world. I haven't ever tasted it but your post is inspiring me to try it once. Will give it a try following your recipe.. :)


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