Monday, September 16, 2013

Beetroot Orange and Mint Juice

My aunt makes beetroot juice all the time, serves it at room temperature in a bowl more like beetroot water with thin slices of beetroot swimming in it that are supposed to be picked up with a fork while you drink the water with a spoon. She calls it a salad and throws in sliced cucumber as well. 

I have often debated with her why it isn't really a salad but also failed to come up with an alternative name for it. 

So earlier this year, I decided to convert it into a slush by freezing the boiled slices of beetroot and then blending them with chilled juice, some lemon and orange juice for tang and what resulted was a drink my family has been drinking all summer. And here we are, summer is over and we still are on it minus the slush part.

Beetroot and jaggery both boost very unique earthy flavors that are perfect compliment to each other. The lemon, orange and mint add a fresh and vibrant element, while all that tang and sweetness is rounded off with dash of black salt.

Beetroot, Jaggery, Orange and Mint Juice
Serves 3-4


2 beets, peeled
Juice of one sweet orange, plus one orange thinly sliced in cirlces
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp jaggery or raw cane sugar
1/2 tsp black salt
Handful of mint leaves


Boil the beets in 4 cups of water along with the sugar or jaggery.

Chill the boiled water and slice the beetroots. You can use the beetroots for garnish, freeze them to make beetroot ice or use in salad.

Add the lemon and orange juice, once it is chilled. Add ice if required.

Roughly tear the some of the mint leaves and add to the juice. Garnish with rest.


  1. A deligtful drink! That combination is wonderful.



  2. Loved this drink!! So healthy and so vibrant :)

  3. Love it :) Adding it to my list of recipes to try. I notice you use a lot of black salt. I've never heard of it until recently, and now that I live in India, i'd like to give it a try, but what is the purpose of it instead of using regular salt? What is the difference?

    1. Hi there,

      If you are new to black salt, you should know it smells sulfurous! It isused in Indian food like condiment as they use fleur de sel. It is not cooked with so it can't be compared with regular salt. It's tangy, savouy and salty. Goes on top of things like yogurt, drinks etc...

  4. What a lovely drink, never thought of boiling beets and then taking juice out of the water. really thoughtful..

  5. I'm new to your site. You have really beautiful photos! The juice looks great too! I'm always looking for new juice ideas - definitely making this!

  6. I have done alomost the same without boiling the beets.. This sounds good. Loved the clicks
    Shema | LifeScoops

  7. Kulsum,
    It's a beauty! Didn't imagine beets in this kind of a drink, the vibrant colors are inviting..

  8. Absolutely gorgeous clicks, love the colors!

  9. I think we have discussed beet juice love before. Really vibrant color you have got from beets there!

  10. Lovely drink, I can just imagine the freshness.

  11. This is very interesting. I have never tried or made this before. Love the colors.

  12. I simply love juices and smoothies. In London we find pretty much everything but I do not remember I ever seen a beetroot/orange and mint combo around. Great idea!

  13. I have been juicing alot lately.. need to shed few pounds so that I can fit into anything stylish.
    Im so making this recipe. .. looks so Yum. . May be I can replace sugar with natural sweetner... or may be not... either way this is what im so making!
    Beautiful pics dear. .. love the gorgous colors n light here

  14. Now this is a beet juice method that I'm not familiar with, I must try!


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