Sunday, June 6, 2010

Leftover Minced Meat

Friday morning I wake up to less than half a cup of leftover minced lamb prepared last night. The night before after the dinner it felt like there was enough for the lunch next day and I lazed around till the peak lunch hour. That was not enough for one person and I had 3 to feed. Apparently my mind works faster under panic situations and may be that is one of the reason I'm getting through the masters. The recipe for the Indian mutton minced is similar to preparing Indian Mutton Stew. The only difference being that after the tomatoes you add the minced meat and it cooks in half the time and without water. This works for all kinds of minced meats, so you don't really have to wait till you have Indian mutton minced but yes it would be lovely if you did.

Also, I can think in panic situations but I don't click. So forgive the lack of photographs.I don't know what to call it? I'm sure its not a unique technique and has a name! But I'm ignorant so please do suggest if you did know.

Leftover Minced Meat
Serves : 2-3 

1/2 cup Minced Mutton
2 eggs
2 large size potatoes
3-4 tbsp Olive oil
1 large tomato
1/2 tsp steak seasoning
1/2 tsp turmeric
2 sprigs spring onions
Cheddar Cheese for garnish (about 4-5 tbsp)


Peel and slice the potatoes to the thinnest possible and arrange it a frying pan with olive oil overlapping each other and covering the base in every which way. You don't have to be all fancy here, but arranging in a pattern helps to make a strong base. Season with salt and Steak seasoning (or just black pepper). Let it cook for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile whisk the egg with the turmeric and salt to taste. Pour it over the potato base. Since the base is hot, the eggs will cook away fast and before it gets over cooked spread the leftover meat on the top.

Arrange the thin slices of tomatoes on the meat and top it with cheese. Cover and cook for 5 minutes.

Garnish with spring onions.( I just never seem to have the patience to chop spring onions in an orderly manner)

Everyone loved it! And with eggs, potatoes and tomatoes, it was a very affordable meal.


  1. my sister lives in Karachi and is always looking for easy recipes- i have sent her this link- thank you, x shayma

  2. The best recipe by far!I am sure too that it has a name,I know of a similar Parsi dish that uses straw potatoes as a base topped with eggs.The eggs are just broken and put over potatoes without any whisking - mince meat is not used,of course.Thank you for sharing.:-)

  3. This recipe looks good and easy! :DD i will try it since dorm life as a med student is very hectic yet this recipe looks simple and easy and healthy! just the way I like it! Thanks a lot! ur blog is amazing!

  4. I have seen this served ceremonially, with raw eggs being placed on top, and then scalding hot ghee poured on, and carefully drained off, leaving the eggs poached and the top of the keema flavored! Is this the same dish? Quite a tableside production, worthy of a Michelin 4 star!!!!!

    1. That is dabba ghost (loaf pan in which the cooked meat n sauce n veges n elbow noodles are poured n then topped with beaten egg n sizzled with butter or oil . The pans are the placed in boiling water to set n cook.

  5. I make a similar dish in the oven minus the cheese and potatoes and with indian spices
    We call it lagan seekh

    1. Omg my nannima used to make that. Sadly she passed away 6 years ago. I'd love to learn the recipe. We ate memon it a memon dish?


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