Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Two Chef and A Waitress - Nuqat 2013

Last week, I was lucky enough to be tiny part of a dinner hosted by Chef Mariam Al Nusif and Chef Dana al Tourah at Bayt Lothan for the organisers and speakers of Nuqat 2013, a local platform that brings forward creatives from all over the world.

The supper was themed around pooling together local produce and talents. All the greens and dairy was sourced locally from Sharq Organic Farm and some from Mariam's own farm.

While trying to help as much as I could with the food , I also dragged along my camera which I thought was rather ambitious considering I'm clueless about night photography!

Chef Dana working on her baked polenta with farm cheese, dollop of organic labneh, topped with local organic greens, pickled radishes, toasted pine nuts and crumbled farm cheese, dressed in honey lime vinaigrette. 

Chef Mariam, preparing beurre monte poached locally caught Kuwaiti lobster served with spring onion fennel puree in a pool of jalapeño dressing topped with a fresh cucumber, radish and local herb relish by Khalid of Canteen fame 

Altaf of Aunt Maries Artisan Bakery has the best salted caramels I have ever tried. The lavender specked one's are to die for! Everyone went mad over them.

The beautiful setting for the evening was done by Ecru, with whom co incidentally I had the opportunity to work with too! More about that in another post.

The evening ended with dessert which is high on my list of trying at home, Bostock - a broiche sliced and brushed with lime simple syrup, topped frangipane, whipped vanilla labneh and garnished with toasted mix nuts. So good! Not to forget the amazing apple cider by Lubna Saif. I wish I had taken more photos of the food but if you didn't know things go a little crazy once the service starts and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to experience it. 


  1. Wonderful! It looks like you had a great time there.



  2. Looks like a beautiful supper with a brilliant group of people :)

  3. Your photos are gorgeous! Looks like amazing event with lot to learn & experience:)

  4. You did just wonderfully with your camera. More closeups of food would have been nice, but the people are more interesting--and you had to stay out of the way when photographing. I am sure you had a delightful experience and food tasting.

  5. What beautiful pictures! It was so great to share that lovely evening with you and all my wonderful and amazing Shakshooka partners and friends. Anytime you are in the mood for my organic lavender and honey salted caramels - you know where to find them :*


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