Thursday, November 17, 2011

Paneer Bruschetta with Alfalfa Sprouts


Paneer was nothing but a 'cheap filler'  we siblings used to complain to mom, asking for meat instead.  Like all things we didn't like, we ganged up against her, protesting to not eat it, leaving her with little option but to cook us what we liked. That's the power of having 3 siblings. I used it. Paneer vanished from our lives.

Knowing M and his family's love for paneer I prepared my self to mentally gulp down paneer after marriage. Then the day came. Everyone at home demanded to eat my mother in law's paneer roll, which made my mother in law quite happy. "Easiest thing to make! Let me teach you how to make it" she said. I followed her to the kitchen, wishing all along a change in plan. While she fried her paneer to beautiful golden brown she told me about their humble starting as a family. "Meat was not always an option and paneer was my go to healthy 'filler' for the children and they loved it" she smiled with pride.


After eating two paneer rolls, I called my sister and said "This paneer thing is amazing, change in gang plan, ask mom to make you paneer rolls! "

The filling on this bruschetta is similar to my mother in law's paneer roll filling, but serving it on baguette slices, makes them such an impressive appetizer. The paneer is flavored with green chillies, spring onion, coriander leaves and juicy cherry tomatoes. I also added my new favorite sprouts - alfalfa, which adds a freshness and earthiness at the same time. 

Paneer Bruschetta with Alfalfa Sprouts
Adapted from Anjum Anand's recipe 


8 slices of baguette (cut into1 inch, diagonally)
1/2 cup crumbled paneer
2 tbsp coriander leaves, chopped
1 green chili, finely chopped
2 spring onions, finely chopped
1/4 cup cherry tomatoes, finely cubed
Alfalfa sprouts to top
Olive oil
Salt and Pepper to taste


* In my last post of how to make paneer I asked you to save up all those irregular edges you get while cutting the paneer into cubes. Those work perfectly here. If you haven't got any, just crumble some paneer.


Toast and brush the baguette with olive oil.

Combine the crumbled paneer, coriander leaves, tomatoes, onions, green chili, salt and pepper. Add a good splash of olive oil to moisten the mixture.

Pile the mixture on the baguette slice and top it with alfalfa sprouts.


  1. Oh, what gorgeous shots. Love the dark wholewheat baguette too (and I now have backdrop envy - thanks a lot!! ;o)

  2. Delicious---I love everything about this, and the sprouts are a great addition to bruschetta.

  3. This quite a healthy recipe!! I like

  4. Oh yay! I've been waiting for this, now I have a good recipe to go with the paneer.

  5. very sweet story :) and beautiful shots, as always. x s

  6. I love this twist on bruschetta Kulsum, and the lovely story behind it :D It's funny how as kids we didn't appreciate certain foods, but do now.

  7. New here came via a twitter post. I love everything about this bruschetta and the alfalfa srpouts really make it also. Great photos!

  8. It looks spontaneous yet so delicious. Just the kind of stuff that you can put together last minute.

  9. Beautiful photos! I need that bruschetta in my life. Right now. Bet the HUsband would appreciate the paneer :)

  10. the right snack cum starter.....zuzar moonim

  11. I love the composition of your photographs! The colors looks so beautiful and the paneer bruschetta is a lovely idea!

  12. The photos came out lovely Kulsum. Not sure what you were complaining about! Love how you've added your own personal touch to a Western classic!

  13. I have missed your blog, and will catch up soon! So happy I did not miss you tweet!

    As usual, your photos are stunning! I love the bite alfalfa sprouts give.

  14. Nice! I might need to make this for a party we are throwing next week! Thanks for sharing :)

  15. This looks lovely, with some nice a bright flavors. Beautiful photo too!

  16. What a gorgeous twist on an italian classic. The wholemeal baguette looks beautiful against that dark wooden background too - your photos are fantastic.

  17. Now this looks amazing. I love the idea of using the paneer on bruschetta - something I wouldn't have thought to do especially with the sprouts. So beautiful and perfect for all these holiday parties coming up!

  18. Such a fun & unique twist on Bruschetta!

  19. Th[e bruschetta looks great!

    I m sorry it is not related to your post, i saw your reply in 248am, taht u r off wheat, rice and corn. Can u please share how u manage that??

  20. Thanks Fina.

    As I said there I was off those things sometime ago for about 1 and half months and currently not doing it. As for how I did it, I could be glad to answer that if you could shoot me a mail on kulsum (at)

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  22. Looks delish. Reminds me of my favorite "gourmet" to-go sandwich comprising of mayonnaise, guacamole, provolone cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, and loads and loads of alfalfa sprout between slices of French bread!

  23. eye candy! and i love how wholesome this looks.

  24. I'm glad Paneer found it's way back to your life. Otherwise we wouldn't have a taste of your delicious recipe=)

    - kitchens webmaster

  25. Now that my comments are working again I am excited to finally comment on this lovely post! What a fabulous twist on looks delicious.

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend my friend.


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