Sunday, March 20, 2011

Japan, Middle East and North Africa - With love

The events unfolding around the world in the last week or so has been overwhelming. 
With Tunis and Egypt's revolutionary fight against monarchy kingdom ending, I wished my Egyptian colleagues, we called for treats, cakes were bought in, the Egyptian were mighty proud and they deserved to be. But  before the celebrations could set out, Libyans fight against government started. While I like to write and keep things at the blog unopinionated,  the scenario in Libya burns my blood to no end and I feel bitter towards how late the international community came to the rescue of the Libyans. And then the world was shaken by the news of natural calamity in Japan. God certainly is up to something. These are difficult times and world is rapidly changing.

And yet again the news in Bahrain gives me a jittery feeling. Bahrain is a much more complicated issue and Saudi Arabia getting involved is scary. I'm not sure what I can talk about here but while I was hoping for the healing process to start for the world, world is taking unpredictable turns. 

I got a few mails asking if everything was alright here. It is. Thank you for asking. So far, it has been made sure that things are quite and peaceful.

In midst of all that's happening in Middle East and North Africa, I don't know what we can do to help but pray. But Japan needs more than our prayers. I urge you to do a little something for the people of Japan. There are many trust worthy charity organization out there whom you can donate through. 

It just didn't feel right to post a recipe today. But rather posting some picture's I took the other day in Kuwait - where it rained for 3 continuous days which is uncommon in dry arid climate of Kuwait. The happiness that the rain brought is such an irony against everything else that is happening in the world. Pray for peace and healing.



  1. Wow!!What lovely way to pray for peace and healing with these beautiful flowers..Hard to overpower nature in any it these pretty flowers or the mighty Tsunami..

  2. wow beautiful photography, loved all the clicks:)

  3. Beautiful photos and beautifully written post. I feel the same. Take care <3.

  4. What an eloquent post my friend. I'm glad that you are doing well despite all the unrest that surrounds all of us. Right now a crazy spring storm has hit Los Angeles and I truly feel out of my element here...this post was extremely timely!

    My prayers and thoughts go out to all of those who are suffering. You take care of yourself as well!

  5. Such beautiful photos and comments. Thank you for sharing in a peaceful, thoughtful way. Keep your spirits high. We are all humans, living in this world together, hopefully, in harmony.

  6. Such a touching post, I've been feeling the same way, shocked and saddened by the recent events. My thoughts go out to all those who are suffering right now.


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