Saturday, August 14, 2010

Watermelon and Feta Salad

It was almost a ritual at home to have watermelon after each meal in summers. My mother would come out of the kitchen after doing the dishes holding  a large plate in one hand and watermelon in another. We would gather around her, sitting in a circle around the plate, while she cubed the melon. It was also a time to watch news together. Not that we wanted to, but my father would keep the news channel as we munched on the crispy, freshly cut melon. Not interested in world affairs, we kids used to start talking with my mother about school and the days happening while father hushed us to keep quiet while he concentrated in watching the Indian political saga.

Needless to say, I have continued this tradition into my new home. As summer steps with all its might in this desert country, it is one of the most refreshing things to eat during summers. The only difference there seems to be, is I'm normally hushing others while I watch National geographic.

As much as we enjoy watermelon as a fruit, having it with our meals as a side or salad has also become a part of our summers each year. Some being our favorites and are repeated all through out the dreadful hot summers of Kuwait.

This one is a slight variation on the classic Greek salad of watermelon and feta. I love serving them this way as it ensures each bite has a good lot of feta and everything else that makes it special.

Water melon and feta cheese salad

6 2-inch  watermelon cubes*
1 cucumber
2  tbsp black kalamata olives
3 tbsp feta cheese
1 tsp red pepper flakes
Salt and  pepper


* Watermelon does not like to hang around in heat. Keep its chilled till you are ready to cut it up. And though it will stay alright in the fridge, melon loses its crispness after a while, so try having it immediately.


Place the water melon cubes on the plate. Slice the cucumber and place it on top of the cube, followed by a slice of kalamata olive.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Depending on how salty your feta is adjust the salt.

Marinate the Feta cheese in red pepper flakes. Place around 1/2  tbsp on each cube.

Serve Chilled.



  1. Sounds refreshing! I'll make this for my next friends gathering.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Looks fresh and yum!and so colorful!

  3. O that looks delicious... I love eating watermelon with salt so I can't imagine how good this would be!!

  4. Hey thr,
    Thanx for leaving a comment on my blog! Not because you said such awesome things about me but because now I got to see your space :-)
    That watermelon looks DIVINE!

  5. This looks fantastic. What a lovely photo shot and so colorful! Will have to try this for all the watermelon lover in the family.

  6. @ Budour
    Thanks! If you try it do let me know how it turns out!

    @ sinfullyspicy and Nitha,

    Thank you buddies!

    @ Karen

    So do I. You got to eat watermelon with Black salt and not regular salt. You will love it I promise :)

    @ Prerna

    Your space is Divine!

    @ Urvashee

    Thank you so much Urvashee for stopping by. We all love watermelon don't we :) and the are being kind! Thank you again. Do let me know how it turns out for you.

  7. This looks so good and refreshing! Thanks for stopping by and glad that you're finished with Ramadan, congrats!

  8. I just love watermelons......lovely pics

  9. WOW it looks so tasty! I will try it soon!


  10. This looks like something I would gulp as an appetizer rather than dessert, can't wait that long. Seriously tasteful. You should have a deliverly service for food viewed on your blog! num num num


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